5 oct. 2010

Gay cultural information

Queer Spotlight
La data de 14 Octombrie, lunar evenimentului, serii de filme în următoarea rundă. De data aceasta, "Crush", o compoziţie originală de patru Kurfilme minunate. UCI Kinowelt Millennium City arată în serie de evenimente filmul Queer Spotlight "Crush" - patru etape impresionante, povesti extraordinare despre dragoste si dorinta. "Nu întrebaţi" este despre sentimente profunde între soldaţi şi James Cameron. În"Blood Line" diving Gerald goth, şi Christian, solitar ursuz şi un vampir într-o, secret lume periculoasă. În "Strokes" este povestea lui Michael artă studenteasca, care a spus pictorul intr-o facultate, Robert ajunge să cunoască semestru asa cum nu se astepta,"Breathe", arată obsesia unui om tânăr, sentimentul de propriile neajunsuri şi se luptă cu un coleg este îndragostit in secret ...
Gay friendly Salzburg Salzburg is the romantic hotspot in Austria!In the colder months there are numerous short trip offers many activities for gays. If late autumn, the first snowflakes fall from the sky and the birthplace of beds in a white coat shines Mozart Salzburg romantic than ever. For a short trip, there is much to discover. In the old town, the "most beautiful shopping center in Austria" with elegant shops offer designer clothing, shoes, perfume and much more. From 18.11. open the Christmas markets - enjoy a romantic stroll through the town with beautifully designed window displays and Christmas lights. Whether with friends or with your sweetheart: In Salzburg, there are manygay friendly bars and cafes, for short or longer stay to invite. For Salzburg fans there are numerous packagesto attractions, concerts and other specials include. TheSalzburg Card you have free admission to all museums, and you go free by local bus. All offers, the Christmas market in Salzburg to the New Year's Eve, you'll find on.
Lady Gaga In a remarkable way, is the American pop icon for the rights of gay soldiers. A few days ago at the MTV Video Awards still in the meat-costume, now formally buttoned up to here: You notice it the quick-change artist is serious in its call. In the U.S. state of Maine took Lady Gaga at surprisingly at arally in part - but not as quiet but at Zuseherin potest. According to Stark, she sat down for the rights of gay soldiers in the U.S. Army and has called on the two Republican senators Olympia Snowe and Susan Collins, the controversial law "Do not ask, do not tell" Senate repealed. Lady Gaga wants her performance toAmerica's young people given a voice and the generation that decides on such laws - Opinion move their senators - to rethink that. Lady Gaga also finds that "Do not, do not ask tell" in many cases is contrary to the Constitution, many prejudiced superiors in the military looking at e-mails and private rooms for gays notice on them to be sacked .
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